enojy your pool.

Let us worry about the rest.

Committed to maintaining your pool safe

American Made Pool Service is a family-owned company committed to ensuring your pool remains safe, pristine, and ready for enjoyment. Your comfort is our priority. Trust in our dedication and take pride in the sparkling clarity we bring to every pool we touch.

our services

Chemistry testing

We test and maintain ideal levels to endure the safety and comfort of your pool.


We use manual and mechanical cleaning tools to ensure your pool is free of debri and algae.


We can repair pumps, timers and piping to keep you enjoying your pool.

based in conroe and serving the montgomery county area

Willis, Lake Conroe, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Montgomery

Family owned and operated

Miguel Sanchez

Owner and Operator

Katia Sanchez

Owner and Operator

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Conroe, Willis, Spring, The Woodlands, Montomery, Magnolia Area



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